Self Striping DK Weight

DK Striping $28 a skein
Twist and Shout: 100% US Superwash Merino
245 yards/100 grams, Ply: 3

Swatch pictured knit over 100 stitches to represent pattern on an adult hat.
 Cowabunga, dude! Can we order some pizza? This colorway is inspired by our favorite mutant teenage turtles.
Falling in Leaf with You
You'll fall in love with this colorway as you are transported to autumn and days of falling in piles of colorful leaves.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day
Everyone loves to see rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds on a dreary day.  Let this yarn cheer up any day, clouds optional.

Spring Fling
Looking for something bright and cheerful?  We have you covered in pinks, purlples, and a pop of chartruese. 
Once in a Blue Yarn
A little more subtle than Blue Blazes, this yarn deserved it's own name. Don't worry, this yarn is easier to come by than a blue moon!

Mr. Roy G. Biv
This quick striping, rainbow colorway includes the seven colors of light split by a prisim, as set down by Sir Issac Newton:
Red - Orange - Yellow - Green - Blue - Indigo - Violet