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Click a photo to purchase & download a pattern from Ravelry:

Give 'em the Slip - Knit

Give 'em the slip close up.jpg

Hole Hearted - Knit

hole hearted franscesco.jpg

Polite Points - Knit


Satisfied - Knit

brianna fence.jpg

Fluctuation - Knit


Woodland Hike - Knit

Woodland Hike portrait.jpg

Snakes in the Road - Knit

1 loop style.jpg

Commitment Issues- Knit

Commitment Issues Cowl pulled out.jpg

Close of Day - Knit

Scarf and Heather in Tree2.jpg

Ripples - Crochet

Cowl 1.jpg

Riparian Entertainment - Knit

blue cowl close up.jpg
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