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Free Pattern and Final MSYC Colorway

The final colorway of the Brenda and Heather Mystery Sock Yarn club has been revealed!

El Capitan Stardust was inspired by a night scene at El Capitan mountain in Yosemite National Park. The purple/blue sky fades down into the craggy rock faces and ends in a valley blanketed by a forest.

Heather has created a companion pattern with this colorway, Free Climb. In this top-down sock pattern, a simple series of increases and decreases create lacy columns that run the length of the sock. The sloping lines created by the lace pattern echo ridges that are found on a mountain’s rock face. To perform a free climb, (while safety gear can be used), the person ascends a cliff using just their hands and feet.

Purchase this colorway by clicking HERE. Pattern is included with purchase, or download a free copy from Ravelry:

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