Shawl Balls

Shawl Balls:
Fingering Weight $49
Lace Weight $34
Patterns shown are designed
by Brenda and Heather.
A complimentary copy is avaiable with purchase of yarn, make sure to request one at time of purchase.
Our Shawl Balls are dyed as a "weighted gradient", which means the color grows as your shawl grows.  Each color change is given more yardage than the previous color, this allows each color to keep the same "thickness" as you progress through your shawl, ending with a large band of color instead of a thin strip.   Each color is shown using a garter-tab triangular shawl, but any design can be made with this skein and we look forward to seeing what you come up with!

All Shawl Balls are a variations of a gradient.  Some change slowly from one color to another, while others stripe and gradate all at the same time.  We know... amazing!

Available in both fingering weight and lace weight.

Visit our online store for current colorway availability and information on which base has been used.

Prancing Peacock by Brenda, knit in our Peacock
More colors in our online store! Click here to view ALL our currently available colorways.
Newest Release Shawl Ball Colorways:
Available in Figering Weight and Lace Weight
Liliana's Diamonds by Heather, knit in our The Royals
The Vacation Shawl by Heather, knit in our Caribbean Coast
Slice of Summer
It's a watermelon rolled into a ball of yarn!
Transfixed by Heather, knit in our Lilac Gray-Dient