Star Wars Day 2022 Special Releases

We have been working away this spring creating 6 new colorways and companion patterns.

Instead of a "club" for 2022, we are putting out a release of yarns all at once. Pick and choose which ones you like best, or get discounted prices for buying "all in".  Discount prices for all sock colorways or all shawl colroways... or ALL 6 colorways!


Yarns are currently listed for "pre-order" and will begin shipping at the end of May, or sooner if possible.  Click a photo below to check them out in our online store...

The Senator Shawl Ball

The General Shawl Ball

The Knight Shawl Ball

The Senator
The General
The Knight

The Senator Striping Sock

The Senator

The General Striping Sock

The General

The Knight Striping Sock

The Knight

Combo Packs:

Shoot the Moon Sock:

All Striping Sock Yarns

All Sock Yarns

Royal Attire

Royal Attire (9).jpg

Queen Wave

Queen Wave.jpg

Shoot the Moon Shawls

All Shawl Balls

All Shawl Yarns

Triangle Garter Tab Shawl

Triangle Garter Tab Shawl.jpg

Tusken Raiders

Tusken Raiders

Shoot the Moon All Yarns

All Sock and Shawl Yarns

Combo 1.jpg



Red 5 Standing By

Red 5 Standing By 3.jpg

New Patterns:

Click a picture to download from Ravelry (Free until end of May 2022).