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At Brenda and Heather Yarns, we like to knit socks.  We each have our own go-to patterns that we use as the basis of a lot of the sock patterns we design.   Click a photo below to download our basic sock patterns from Ravelry for FREE!


Brenda's pattern is a toe-up version with a 3x1 ribbing.  It has a standard toe, plus a gusset and heel flap construction.  No need to Kitchner stitch the toe closed since that's where you start (one reason Brenda likes it). 

Heather's pattern is a top down version, with specific instructions on how to incorporate a heel flap & heel turn of a contrasting color.  This technique is super awesome because it keeps you from interrupting the pattern of your yarn (specifically those fun stripes!).  Heather's basic pattern is stockinette, but you can throw in any stitch pattern you like to make it a little more fun.  Sample shown is Heather's Tusken Raiders sock pattern. 

Brenda's Basic Toe Up Sock 

BB Toe up sock in Roary.jpg

Heather's Basic Top Down Sock using the Tusken Raiders stitch pattern.

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