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At Brenda and Heather Yarns we specialize in dyeing unique self striping and gradient yarns. We are passionate about creating beautiful colorways to share with creative people.


After all, we're willing to dye for you!

The two-woman crew at Brenda and Heather Yarns is made up of... well... Brenda and Heather.  We are often confused for sisters, but we like to say that we are identical twin cousins.



Brenda taught herself how to knit by watching a video and using pencils instead of knitting needles.  She learned to crochet so that she could make a toy, and to this day she's only ever crocheted in circles.  

Brenda can be bribed with M&Ms, fancy coffee creamers, and the suggestion of pizza for dinner. 


Heather started crocheting at 10 when she broke an arm (her own) and had nothing else to do that summer.  She learned to knit in college when her character in a play was supposed to knit for income, talk about method acting!

Heather will never refuse a tasty cracker, chips, or anything crunchy.  She also likes bread.  Mmm... bread.

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