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Click a photo to purchase & download a pattern from Ravelry:

Royal Attire - Crochet

Royal Attire.jpg

Triangle Garter Tab Shawl - Knit

Triangle Garter Tab Shawl.jpg

Starbird - Knit


Liliana's Diamonds - Knit

Liliana's Diamonds.jpg

Slice of Summer - Knit

Money shot.jpg

Amplification - Crochet

Shawl 3.jpg

Prancing Peacock- Knit

Prancing Peacock held behind.jpg

Transfixed - Knit


The Vacation Shawl - Knit

Vacation Shawl 3.jpg

Terra Vista - Knit

Terra Vista on Brenda3.jpg
Terra Vista on the fence.jpg
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