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Rainbows Rock Yarn Club is focused on rainbows and how much they rock... which is why we also gave them fun, rock music themed names.  Colorways will be released every other month, starting in March 2023, with 6 total colorways being dyed. If you purchase an "All" option, you'll get a bonus item too (see below).

Yarns used:

Fingering weight yarns will be used for all colorways. Sock yarns will be dyed on Tuff Toes and Shawl Balls will be dyed on Twinkle Toes. Depending on stock availability, we may be required to use an alternate yarn base, but all yarns used for shawls will be a merino wool based yarn and sock yarns will be a merino wool/nylon blend.

Colorway Put-ups: 

All colorways will be dyed as:

  • 170g incremental "Shawl Ball"

  • 100g of sock yarn... three of the colorways will be 100g repeating striping and the other three will be 50/50 matching-sock sets.

See images for the colorway concepts. White "heels" were added to sock images to give an effect of a sock "look", but it is not included with purchase (available as an add on each month, or if you sign up for the full club, you can use the mini skein set we add in, see below). 


We'd also like to note that the graphics are representations of our ideas and final results will rock (even if they vary).  If you have any questions about a colorway, please send us an email:

How to join the club:

  • Purchase All Socks in advance 

  • Purchase All Shawl Balls in advance

  • Purchase All Yarns (Shawls and Socks) in advance

  • Purchase individual colorways ordered one at at time as they are released for pre-order.

Pre-order Info: All yarns are bought on pre-order with shipping in specified months. Full club purchasing ends when Colorway 1 goes into production. From then on, you will only have the option to purchase one month at a time as a pre-order. 

Bonus for purchasing an "All" option in advance:

  • All Socks - receive a bonus Mini Skein Rainbow Set (25g of each Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, total 150g) included free with first shipment and works great as a heel and toe options.

  • All Shawl Balls - receive a bonus Monochrome Set (100g of each White, Black, Grey, total 300g) included free with first shipment. The bonus solids work great for expanding your shawl into a larger project.

  • All Yarns - receive both Mini Skein Rainbow Set and Monochrome Set as well as a rainbow themed stitch marker set, all included free with first shipment.

Pattern Suggestions:

We have shawl patterns (knitted and crochet) and sock patterns (toe up and top down), that will be offered with the purchase of yarn via download link. For the most part, we plan to offer already published BaH Yarns Patterns, but some new patterns are in development too! And, as always, our yarns work with other designers patterns. We encourage you to get creative! 

Canada Shipping Surcharge for buying an "All" option:

Our store has a default flat rate to Canada per purchase, but if you are purchasing one of the "All" options, with shipments every other month, you will need to pay an additional shipping fee to cover the cost of shipping all the yarns. Please select the option "I am shipping to Canada" from the drop down menu.

Any questions? Let us know!

Dark Side of the Rainbow Shawl.jpg
Dark Side of the Rainbow Sock.jpg
We Didn’t Start the Rainbow Shawl.jpg
We Didn't Start the Rainbow Sock.jpg

Colorway Descriptions:

Livin' on a Rainbow is a striping colorway with large sections of the 7 basic colors (ROYGBIV) with micro-stripes of gradient colors in-between the larger sections. So... a larger section of red, then similar sized section with a repeating series of red to orange gradients, then orange, then the orange to yellow gradient, etc. One time through on the Shawl Ball, and a sock set with one time through on each sock.


Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer is a 7 color striping yarn with sections of white in-between the larger colored stripes. The white sections are speckled with colors on either side of it... red, then red and orange speckles, orange, orange and yellow speckles, etc. One time through on the Shawl Ball and the sock yarn is 100g of repeating striping yarn for the sock.


Dark Side of the Rainbow is comprised a section of 7 rainbow stripes (ROYGBIV) flanked by black sections. One time through on the Shawl Ball and 100g of repeating striping for the sock.


We Didn't Start the Rainbow is a striping yarn with 13 steps through the rainbow, ROYGBIV with blended steps in-between. One time through on the Shawl Ball and 100g repeating striping on the sock.


Cold November Rainbow is a grey gradient with a scattering of short rainbow repeats throughout the entire skein. One time through on the Shawl Ball, and a sock set with one time through on each sock.


Another One Bites the Rainbow is a 7 color rainbow with alternating sections of micro-stripes in a gradient of the color to black. So... red, then red to black gradient, then orange, then an orange to black gradient. One time through on the Shawl, and a sock set with one time through on each sock.

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