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Flying Solo

Yarn is the Way

Puffy & Snappy


New Star Wars inspired yarns are here!  

We have 1 new fingering weight 100 gram gradient (Stowaway) and 3 new fingering weight sock yarns, Flying Solo, Yarn is the Way, and Puffy & Snappy.


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All our new Star Wars inspired yarns, and the previously released Star Wars yarns that we're still dyeing, are all on sale until May 8th!  Use the coupon code "RED5" at checkout. 

Other new Sock colorways...

Lumpy Bubble Gum

Lumpy Bubblegum skein and swatch.jpg

Pika Pika

Pika Pika skein and swatch.jpg

Lisa in the Sky with Dolphins

Lisa In The Sky With Dolphins 50-50 comp

The Dog and The Human

The Dog and The Human skein and swatch.j

Gotta Catch 'Em All

Gotta Catch Em All skein and swatch.jpg

Crystal Gems

Crystal Gems skein and swatch.jpg

To Go Boldly

To Go Boldly skein and swatch.jpg

Rose No More

Rex Manning Day.jpg

Midnight Horizon is a blue to almost black gradient with resists creating "stars" in the night sky. 

This was the super secret, special colorway that we debuted at the Winter Wooly Weekend Retreat last month.  Now's your chance to get a skein.

We liked the colorway so much, we dyed it on everything! You can get it on so many different bases in different configurations... perfect for socks, shawl, and more!


You can get this colorway as a striping sock yarn,  as a Shawl Ball on 2 different bases, and as a 100-gram gradient on, yes... 2 different bases.  

Shawl Ball on Unicorn Lite

Self Striping Sock on Tuff Toes

Midnight Horizon triangle graphic (1).jp
Midnight horizon SB Unicorn Lite (3).jpg
Midnight horizon SB Fleweffy (3).jpg

Shawl Ball on Fleweffy 

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