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These are just a few of our many colorways.

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Saber Socks

Saber Socks 1.jpg

Spanish Skirts

Spanish Skirts.jpg
Meme Mittens.jpg
Meme Mittens skein and swatch.jpg
Joe and the Dream Coats.jpg
Joe and the Dream Coats skein and swatch

Elemental Earth

Elemental Earth skein and swatch.jpg

Snow of the Horizon

Snow on the Horizon SB on Fleweffy.jpg
Snow on the Horizon skein and swatch.jpg

Mountain Lake

Mountain Lake is our newest gradient colorway.  Transitioning from a crisp alpine blue to a deep cerulean blue, provides a lot of very lovely blue shades in between.  


We have it dyed as (click a picture to shop):

100g gradient on sport weight

100g of self striping on fingering or sport weight

170g fingering weight Shawl Ball. 

100g lace weight Shawl Ball

Mountain Lake skein and swatch.jpg
20200605_185025 (1).jpg

We've had Heel & Toe mini skeins available in colors that coordinate with many of our striping yarns, and a few of our gradients.  Now we offer them as 100g skein coordinates.  These skeins will be on a dyed-to-order basis to start. 

Combine one with a skein of striping yarn or with a gradient to make a bigger project... or maybe combine all three!

What can you do with solids & stripes... think sweaters!  


Sweater (3T size) made with 1 skein of our Lumpy Bubble Gum fingering weight striping yarn and 1 skein of our Lumpy Space Purple solid.

Pattern used: Little Sock Arm by Stephanie Lotven

If there's a color you'd like to have that isn't offered, let us know and we'll work on it with you.