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This year we were challenged with creating a colorway based on the Susie Gregory painting: The Kiss.  A delightful portrait of a young girl in a striping sweater, placing a sweet kiss on the nose of a sheep.  We accepted the challenge and dyed the part of the painting that catches your eye... that lovely sweater!  

We named our yarn: Wool You Be My Friend?

But we couldn't just do 1 colorway, we did 2!

The Kiss by Susan Gregory

We created a Small Stripes version and a Big Stripes version. 


What's the difference?  The Small Stripes is a conventional striping sock yarn that repeats several times over the course of the skein, while the Big Stripes has a colorway repeat that happens just twice per skein. 

Roving 1.jpg
Small Stripes.jpg
Big Stripes.jpg

Both colorways are dyed on our Light Foot sock yarn base.  Which means they'd be great for socks... as well as anything else!  

Below are pictures of the great shop samples the yarn shops have worked up already.  The shops have really created a wide variety of projects and we love seeing new ones released.  Some of the shops are even writing their own patterns to go with the yarns. 


The best part about the 2 versions, you can create so many things!  Use them individually, add in a companion color... or use both in same project!

Contact one of the shops to pre-order your yarn and buy a passport:

Join the yarn crawl and visit with us at one of our trunk shows:

Shabby Sheep & Ewe: February 28th

The Clay Purl: March 7th

Starstruck Cat Studio: March 7th

More details about the projects are being added to the Roving site:

Mass Ave 2
Village 2
Starstruck 3
Mass Ave 1
Clay Purl
Always in Stitches
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