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12 Days KAL?!!!

Yes, we're going to do a Knit-along for 12 Days of Chritmas this year... except we weren't going to... let me explain.

We had been asked a few times if we were going to do a colorway and pattern kit for this year like we did a couple years ago and had planned this year. We were hoping to but just didn't have time to dye kits this year and get them out before the Christmas mail crush.

What about just a pattern? I had been thinking about it and was trying to come up with a pattern possibility. Cowl? Socks? Hat? Let everyone know just to get a skein of yarn and join in. I was leaning toward a hat but then Brenda showed me a stitch pattern she started using in our 2022 Christmas colorway. It's awesome!

THEN... someone wrote us asking about our KAL this year that was mentioned in the yarn package they had received. What? I looked at the Christmas themed thank you cards we printed and were sending out in packages... It was the one we had used for our 12 Days kits!!!

So... we're doing it! Stay tuned. More info will be posted later today when we nail down the details with a bottle of wine. It will be fun, and will start December 25th like the 12 Days of Christmas.

Now, time to find the notebook and a bottle of wine! Cheers!

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