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Fiberworld 2020

Visit for full details. What is Fiberworld?

Fiberworld is an immersive, web-based fiber show that has been designed to feel as much like being at an in-person show as possible.  

It is an online environment, where teachers teach classes to students who are watching and learning from home (or anywhere else) and vendors can talk directly to attendees while in their virtual booths. It incorporates the delightful randomness of taking a break to knit on a project, while someone else sits at the next table and looks over their new purchases and you strike up a conversation and make a new friend from across the country

Fiberworld keeps traditions of having marquee Hosts from the fiber industry, giving talks and wandering the halls to talk with attendees and fashion shows where designers and vendors show off their latest and greatest. It also includes new things, like more opportunities for interesting talks from a wider variety of speakers on a wider variety of topics and fashion shows that anyone, anywhere can participate in.  The virtual aspect allows more people from all around the world to meet; for those whom in-person shows present physical or financial barriers, it is a new chance to participate more fully.

Fiberworld is also more than a fiber show. It encompases lifestyle as well.  The mission addresses our audiences’ whole selves -- crafting and everything else outside of crafting: education, wellness, justice, environment, family. This redefines what we used to think of as "domestic" interests, to a more expanded view of our circles of influence: our community.  

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