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Fiberworld is next week!


July 21 - 25

We will be returning to Fiberworld as a vendor for 2021. Don't know what Fiberworld is? It's a completely virtual lifestyle event. Read below for their description:

Fiberworld is a completely virtual fiber show that brings the fullness of the experiences and camaraderie of a traditional, in-person show, while also harnessing new technologies to enrich experiences and expand the community. Fiberworld represents a breadth of talent and knowledge from across the globe coming together to share and celebrate the fibercrafts we love, as well as our whole selves: touching on the themes of education, wellness, justice, environment, and family that affect us every day. In this way Fiberworld explores a redefinition of what used to be thought of as "domestic" interests to a more expansive view of craft’s circles of influence.

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