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Brenda and Heather Yarns 12 Days KAL 2022: “Pining Fir Yew” Socks

We’re encouraging people to participate in creating a pair of socks in 12 days using Brenda’s newest sock pattern featuring our 2022 Christmas colorway. Physical prizes are restricted to USA residents, but those who are in other countries are eligible to win digital patterns. You can use any yarn you would like to make these socks (or other objects).

What else can you make?

Hat, fingerless mitts, mittens, cowl, scarf, sure… why not! Just incorporate Brenda’s stitch pattern into your object (pattern info follows).

Yarn needed?

Pick a skein of 100g of fingering weight yarn (sock yarn) that will show off Brenda’s new stitch pattern. Our 2022 Christmas colorway “Light ‘Em Up” looks great, but a lot of our other colorways would look good… or just stash dive and get your yarn ready.

When is the KAL?

December 25th and runs for 12 days, ends January 5th. Prizes will be awarded the week after when we have sorted through the entries and drawn winners at random.

Where is it being hosted?

We will have a thread in Ravelry, a thread in our group on Facebook, and a hashtag on

Instagram (#BaHYarns2022KAL)

How do you enter?

Take a photo of your object in progress each day and share it to Instagram, Facebook, or/and Ravelry.

Are there prizes?

Yes! We’ll be giving away prizes at the end of the 12 days. We’ll be giving some away for each platform. We will have a total of 12 prizes given away, divided up between the 3 platforms. You can win only 1 prize in total. There will be some yarn, stitch markers, a few other goodies.

How many times can you post?

You can post as many times on each platform, but you will just get 1 entry per day.

Do you need special notions? We recommend using some locking progress keepers to show off your “days”. But bits of a contrasting yarn looped through a stitch works good too.

Using a contrasting color for heels, toes, and cuffs is fun but not necessary. Brenda likes to use the opposite end of the ball of yarn to do her heels. This helps to not interrupt the striping pattern on the instep of the sock. There’s instructions in the pattern on this technique.

We’re going to use Brenda’s concurrent-sock-technique. For this you will be making 2

socks at almost the same time. You’ll work a little bit of Sock 1, then work the same amount of Sock 2, back and forth until you have completed your pair of socks.

You’ll need two sets of needles of your choice. This technique keeps you on track for

getting a pair of socks done at nearly the same time without worrying about not completing the second sock, and not forgetting what you did with the first when you’re working on the second.

The basic concept on what you will do each day is as follows:

Day 1: Toes

Day 2: 1st ⅓ of foot before gusset increases on both socks

Day 3: 2nd ⅓ of foot before gusset increases on both socks

Day 4: 3rd ⅓ of foot before gusset increases on both socks

Day 5: Gusset Increases for Sock 1

Day 6: Gusset Increases for Sock 2

Day 7: Heel for Sock 1

Day 8: Heel for Sock 2

Day 9: 1st ⅓ of leg before cuff on both socks

Day 10: 2nd ⅓ of leg before cuff on both socks

Day 11: 3rd ⅓ of leg before cuff on both socks

Day 12: Cuffs

How do you know how much is ⅓ of your foot, or leg? Just take your measurement desired for that section (info in pattern) and divide by three to get how many inches you will need to work that day. It is approximate… so if you work a few rows one way or another, it’s not critical. This is a guide to keep you moving along without getting swamped in trying to get through too much in a day.

Can you work ahead? Catch up? Sure! The KAL is all about encouraging you to work

through a fun pair of socks. Take a picture for each “day” of recommended knitting and make sure to post it for being entered into prize drawings. Remember to post each day! If you end up not completing your socks (or object) in time, that’s okay! We’re here for you, keep on knitting!

Can you knit top down socks? The pattern is directional, so top down socks will give you a different effect (the tree will be upside down) and just trying to knit from the opposite direction won’t work without some adjustments. But, it’s up to you if you want to give it a shot!

Any questions, let us know. We’re looking forward to having a fun time.

Brenda & Heather

Brenda and Heather Yarns (BaH Yarns)

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