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Knit & Crochet with us, in public!

We will be meeting Saturday, June 11th to do yarn craft in public.

If you're local-ish to the Lafayette/West Lafayette area, join us on Saturday for World Wide Knit in Public Day.

We are going to be knitting in public on the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge from 10am - 12pm EDST on Saturday, June 11th.

We're meeting up on the center of the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge. There are lots of benches around the center of the bridge. We will sit where we can and knit/crochet publicly. We'll be a little spread out but can still be social and get to know each other. We can plan future meet ups too!

Bring your knitting/crochet and a sun hat (though it is supposed to be cloudy there is no shade), a bottle of water if you need it.

We just registered our event on the site so hopefully it will show up soon, but it's just a few days to go!

Location we will be meeting at:

WWKIPDay website:

We had a question about parking and I've highlighted some parking areas available near the bridge we will be meeting on.

There is a parking lot in the park itself, and a lot of street parking "around" that is outside businesses like Panera Bread. There is also the Wabash Landing Parking Garage that is nearby which looks like it is about $3 to $4 to park if you stay the whole time we are there.

I've highlighted in RED the parking areas, the one on the right side of the map looks to be a Park N Ride parking lot. The YELLOW circle is where we will be meeting up. The parking looks to be around 500 feet from the end of the bridge, and we are at the center of the bridge which is another 500 feet or so.

There are a lot of restaurants with street parking in the Lafayette area nearby.

There will also be the Lafayette Farmer's Market going on at the same time just east of the bridge in Lafayette.

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