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Solar Eclipse Yarn

Updated: Mar 20

Someone asked us if we were doing a solar eclipse yarn.  We puzzled it over for a while but got side tracked with other dye jobs.  Today we were talking about where we are going to travel to so that we can be in the path of totality (we're in north western Indiana so we don't have far to travel), and Heather decided she wanted solar eclipse yarn to knit on that day. 

So, we're doing it!  It's a little late notice, but we're listing this for a pre-order special release.  We'll start production on it ASAP and ship it out as soon as it is finished.  We are looking at mailing it out the last week of March or sooner if we can get it done fast.  Plenty of time to get it and get ready to knit along during the eclipse!

The yarn will begin with black then flow through a yellow to orange gradient that darkens back to black.  It will be dyed as both a striping sock yarn and a Shawl Ball. 

Get your skein today!

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