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Stargazing is back!

Next up, the long awaited re-dye of our Stargazing With Vincent. We originally dyed it as a colorway in summer of 2021 for our sock yarn club that year. We dyed a few extra batches then moved on to the next colorway. So many colorways, so little time, you know.

Since then we have had so many requests for a skein of that yarn we have finally decided to re-dye it. We're listing the yarn in our store as available to buy now, with shipping in a couple weeks (mid-February) when it is dry and reskeined. Our goal is to dye up several batches today, but as it is a very involved colorway with a lot of hand painting and specialized gradient we don't plan to re-dye it again anytime soon, or maybe ever... again, so many other colorways we want to dye. Go to our online store to order:

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