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Top Down Sock Version for Pining Fir Yew

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

If you are working our Brenda's latest sock pattern (Pining Fir Yew: but would like to try top down instead of toe up, you can test out this stitch chart (when I get a chance I can write out the directions, but they are pretty straight forward).

This chart is for the smallest size, To get the larger size, you're going to have extra knit stitches on each side of the decreases, and more rows to make the "tree" sections wider and taller. Make sense? Hopefully it does, check out the link above to download a free copy of Brenda's pattern (free until end of 2022) to see her charts and it should click for you.

If you don't have a favorite top-down sock pattern, you can insert this top-down tree into my basic sock pattern that is a free download too. You'll need Brenda's pattern for details of where the chart goes. My top down pattern is at:

Why can't you just do the chart the other direction? Basically... you can't just flip a lace chart and knit it the opposite way. I mean, you can, or can try, but the increases and decreases won't line up quite right. I played around with Brenda's pattern and got the following:

I'm not 100% sold on keeping the yarn overs as the increase (Rounds 1-10 on the chart), And for my next swatch repeat I'll see what the M1 looks like (Rows 11-20 on the chart). I'll work on that tomorrow (12/25/22) while we're going about our day and will see what I get.

For now you're getting all set up to cast on... toe up if you're up for that game, or start at your cuff and you and I will see where this top-down tree pattern takes us (I'm the one that loves top-down socks!) - Heather

EDIT: I ended up liking the yarn overs instead of M1s, so away I went!

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