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Who's Scarf Kit

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

Pre-order: Kit will ship in early September, 2023

Create your own iconic scarf! The epic scarf worn by Tom Baker in the Doctor Who TV series was our inspiration for this kit.

The entire scarf will be knit out of 4 specialty dyed self striping skeins of yarn. So, you get to just knit and all the color changes happen for you! Stripes are dyed based off of the original scarf color and ratios. When finished with all the knitting, you will have a wonderfully LONG scarf!!!

Photo Credit: BBC

Kit includes:

Yarn (400g sport weight or 450g worsted weight)

Themed Stitch Marker Set

Limited Edition Sticker


Tassel Kit

Dyed on our TargHeel sport weight yarn or Manticore Mane worsted weight yarn.

Follow us on social media to participate in the Knit-Along we have planned!

Note on scarf length: We are dyeing this kit based on math and variation in knitting gauges will affect the overall length of the scarf. The original scarf made for the TV show was about 12 feet after blocking, but grew another 10+ feet through use in the TV show. We expect this scarf kit to create a scarf about 12 feet long. It can be stretched when blocked to achieve a longer scarf. You can also expect the scarf to grow some over time, especially if you're using it to rescue people out of a pit like The Doctor does.

Note on color changes: Again, we are using math to dye this scarf, and gauge will affect where the color changes occur in the row. We only note this because if you are expecting to have color changes occur at the end of the row, you'll need to do some fiddling. Or just roll with it like The Doctor would.

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