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Who's Scarf MAKE-ALONG

Let's celebrate the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who with a nice, long-scarf make along!

This is a "make along" so knit or crochet and make a really long scarf with us.

How to participate:

  • Order one of our kits (includes pattern), or compile your own yarns. If using your own yarn, there are a lot of Doctor Who scarf patterns out there to use.

  • Post your progress photos as often as you would like. Have fun, maybe post your progress photos in the same setting showing how the scarf grows, and grows, and grows!

  • Join and post on our Facebook group, OR/AND join and post in our Ravelry group, OR/AND post on your Instagram with the hashtag "#bahyarns" (and maybe add a tag to the photo of @bahyarns to make sure we see the photos!).

  • If you've already started your scarf since we sent the kits out a little while ago (Heather is partway through the 2nd skein already!), that's okay, join in.

  • If you have a Who Scarf you started a while back, dig it out and get it finished!

  • Watch some old Doctor Who episodes while you're at it, and tell us what your favorite episodes are!

  • Must be in the USA to win prizes.

Let's have some fun!

Make Along runs until the end of November, 2023. We'll compile all the photo submission from all places and draw some winners. Prizes TBA. Post all the places your progress photos and spread the love of Doctor Who and these really long scarves!

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