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Sneak Peak #2 Rainbows Rock Yarn Club

We're well into production of the Rainbows Rock colorway #2 "Hold Me Closer, Tiny Rainbow". This colorway is a striping yarn that alternates between a solid stripe of a color then a speckled section of the first color and the next one. So... stripe of red, then a stripe of red & orange speckles, then orange stripe, then orange and yellow speckles... etc. Just a tease of a couple of the speckled sections.

Sock version has 6 total repeats per 100g skein, and the Shawl Ball version has the repeat just 1 time.

The colorway is still available for pre-order if you haven't ordered it yet. And we also have a little extra of colorway #1 "Livin' on a Rainbow".

Colorway #2, with these pretty speckles, will be shipped out toward the end of May.

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