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Yarn Club Dyeing

The dyeing of the Rainbows Rock Yarn Club has begun! We're dyeing a little extra of the first colorway for those that find out late and want to join the full club, but don't delay! Sign up to save your spot and get in on a year of rainbow fun. Full details on website:

The first colorway, Livin' on a Rainbow, has 13 steps, the basic ROYGBIV rainbow, but between each solid color section is a gradient of the colors on either side. So, big section of red, then a repeating section of a red to orange gradient, then a section of orange, then orange to yellow gradient, etc.

The gradient sections on a sock will create a micro stripe effect. On a shawl, those sections are going to pool a bit. Because the Shawl Ball is dyed "incrementally" with each color change getting more yardage, the pooling effect will change throughout an increasing shawl shape. Yeah, cool... math is cool. But you just get to create, we do the math part.

How will it look exactly? It will all depend on the pattern being made and the craft, knitting vs. crochet. And of course... both yarns can be used for things other than socks and shawls. I'll love to see it as a cowl, some sort of top, a project involving weaving sky's the limit!

Join the club today! Shipments of the first colorway will begin toward the end of March as we are also dyeing the bonus skeins to go with the yarn club... bonus yarn? Yes! Full details on our website:

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