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Colorway 1 Inspiration

Monument Valley National Park

Photo Credit:  "A New Day in Heaven" by Robert Murray

Monument Valley is located near the Utah-Arizona border.  The butte on the left is known as West Mitten Butte, and the one in the middle of the photo is East Mitten Butte.  Seems appropriate for a yarn business to base a colorway on.   

Heather has lived in "the west" a few times in her life, and even bicycled through parts of it.  Brenda has always loved "the west" and longs to return there.  No matter where our festival travels take us, "the west" calls to Brenda when she is driving, and our conversations go like this:

Heather: Turn west.
Brenda: I always like going west.


Heather: Turn east.
Brenda: But I want to go west!

The first colorway will be based on this photo.  But the colorway is a mystery as to what the yarn will knit up like, and will remain so until you have it in your hands!

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